Distance healing session
Universal energy
for our well-being.
What is Reiki session?
In 60 minutes consultation you can get
Positive impact of Reiki healing
Relieves pain and discomfort
Reduces Stress and anxiety
Strengthens immune system
Balances energy and chakras
Relationship healing
Emotional healing
Financial healing
Manifest your intention
We can create a Reiki wish box charge it with energy, create an Altar where you will place your Reiki wish box, so you can manifest your desires or dreams.
Special treatment
If you are currently suffering from any disease, we can direct Reiki energy to this problem and treat it.
It can be any physical illness; mental illness; life situation or problem which is bothering you.
My values
With respect to my clients
Let's respect each others time
One's the time is confirmed, it can be rescheduled not later than 3 hours before the session.
I don't participate in creating bad or harmful intentions.
We use Crystals to bring love, prosperity, abundance without harming any living bring.
Your Reiki Healer
Crystal Healer
Once you discover Reiki you will have complete faith in it.
My Reiki journey started under the guidance of an experienced Guru in Ahmedabad, India, I have lived together with my GuruJi for one and a half months to get deeper into this practice. Practicing every day, I have mastered all 3 levels of Reiki. This time gave me a unique experience full of love, care, compassion, and intuitive knowledge.
How to book a session?
To book a session please go through the payment process, before payment you can fill in the information, what is your concern and when you will be able to have a Reiki session.
Reiki session
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