Cat’s eye Mala

Cat’s eye Mala, 39 cm

Helps Bring Luck, especially for individuals, who are involved in the business of speculation, gambling, share trading, etc. It is a favored gemstone for adventurers and risk-takers.

Can help improve physical health and regain wellbeing that has been lost by disease, poor lifestyle, abuse, depression, etc. It is also known to have healing powers against cancer. The gemstone can also cure the conditions of anorexia or loss of appetite.

Gemstone for Spiritual Enlightenment: Wearing cat’s eye gemstone can help cope with such “more often than not experienced,” bringing peace and harmony. It helps a person isolate from materialistic attachments, attaining spiritual enlightenment. 
Psychic Protection: Wearing the gemstone as a lucky charm can help protect your life from the effects of the evil.
A Powerful Stress Buster: can help relieve mental imbalances and provide relief from stress and anxiety.
Improves Memory: It is believed to offer an enhanced vision to the wearer, improving memory power and awareness.    
Removes Fear and Pessimism: The gemstone can provide relief from unknown fears and negativity that restricts a person to move forward and take positive steps in life.

Gifts Creativity and Intellect: Cat’s eye emerald gifts its wearer with wit, intelligence, creativity, and quick learning abilities.
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